News Article Headline 03/28/2009
MCX USB Charger by RPC Electronics

Hello, and welcome to the MCtoolbox! This week, the news is about the USB charger, which is available from RPC Electronics. This charger allows
you to charge the MCX batteries, using any standard USB connection, such as a USB port on a computer:

The charge has a micro controller on board offering a better way to charge your MCX. Check out RPC Electronics ( for further information.

Past News Follows

Fly Wheel Weight Mod by J-MICHAEL

This week, J-Michael is back this time with a weight saving modification. He saved a little more weight off of
the MCX by removing the spokes from each drive gear:

Also, check out the new Toolbox Review on the MCX Batteries and MCX Body Mod kit available from MIA. Both reviews can be found in the reviews section
of the Toolbox, available from the main page.

Inner Shaft Head Trim Mod by J-MICHAEL

This week, J-Michael is up and look in the news for a MCX battery deal till Feb 20th! J-Michael shows you how to save a bit of weight, by shaving off the top of the MCX mast,
and removing a screw:

He said that removing the extra weight saves stress and strain on the pager motor driving that blade and helps the heli.

MCX Battery Special Till Feb 20th

RC Dan's is offering a discount on the purchase of (3) Tenergy 130ma MCX batteries for $20 using coupon code RCGMCX. Click on the link below
to go to Dan's site but you need the code!

Ball Joint Repair Mod by Microbuilder

This week, Nick has listed his method of repairing a damaged ball joint on the MCX:

It takes a little bit of work, but he says once fixed, the ball will never break off again. Great work Microbuilder!

True RC 130mah Battery for the Blade MCX

The True RC 130mah Vapor/Minimum/MCX cell has shown up and I think you might all be happy with this one. I weighed both my stock E-flite cell, and the TrueRC cell. They both come in exactly the same at 3.4 grams. This means there will be no weight penalty for the extra capacity.

I attribute this to the conector that is on the TrueRC cell. If you look at the end of the TrueRC cell, you will see that the connector housing is slightly "shorter" than the E-flite cell, saving just the slightest bit of wieght to make up for the higher capacity cell. The connector "width" is the same, so it fits just fine into the stock E-flite charger. Charge time was approximately the same.

Be sure to check out for his discounted pricing!

Thank you for all your kind emails about the new site. I am pleased you are enjoying it, and look forward to seeing all the mods and ideas everyone has.

Huey and CH53 by madmike43613

This week, madmike has not one, but two different body styles for his Blade MCX! The bodys weigh in around
5 and 7 grams each, and Mike says that they both fly well, but the flight time suffers.

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