Heli Ideas - Not yet Plans - But a Great Place to Start:

Carbon Fiber Canopy
Author: rickgode
Author Email: rickgode at RCGroups
Specs: N/A
Material Required: Microflight Canopy
Downloads available:
Notes: So, I got the carbon fiber looking canopy from http://www.micro-flight.com/Walkera%205-6.htm and it looks MEAN. I might have to get the "The Edge" canopy also as I like the way it looks too.

I kinda mucked up the tail. I had some carbon fiber looking tape and put it on the tail, but it just looked too big. So I just kept cutting and cutting. I'll probably have to get another one.
I like that this new canopy only uses two of the little stoppers. It makes it easy to show off the "Guts"
I SWEAR THAT THIS CANOPY MAKES IT RUN QUIETER!!! If it is just hovering it is seems quieter than it used to and I can also pick up the sound of the servos moving now. Before it seemed that the sound of the servos was drowned out by all the wash/wind.

I like how it turned out.

Foam and Tape Body
Author: foam and tape
Author Email: foam and tape at RCGroups
Specs: N/A
Material Required: Depron
Downloads available:
Notes: my body (for the MCX). It makes the MCX noiser though flight times are the same.

Huey and CH53
Author: madmike43613
Author Email: madmike43613 at RCGroups
Specs: 5.2 and 7 grams AUW
Material Required: Lightweight Plastic
Downloads available:
Notes: Here's the Huey and CH53. The .007" thick plastic came in and the weights are down some.
The Huey is now 5.2 grams assembled and painted. The CH53 is 7 grams assembled, painted, and with landing gear.
To use the CH53 you remove the tail fin and landing gear so that removes 2 grams. They both fly well but of course times do suffer some.

Author: dhpreist
Author Email: dhpreist at RCGroups
Specs: N/A
Material Required: Tri-colored LED
Downloads available:
Notes: My first MCX mod.

Landing Skid Mod
Author: Piper J3
Author Email: Piper J3 at RCGroups
Specs: N/A
Material Required: Adhesive
Downloads available:
Notes: I added a small amount of clear Superbonder 9001 high-strength adhesive to bottom sides of landing skid so heli "grips" the glass surface of my coffee table.

This adhesive remains slightly soft with good tackiness. Makes flying off of glass surface really enjoyable now. Once again, I used a toothpick to apply the adhesive very sparingly. See attached pics... I also used this same adhesive to repair broken leg on landing gear very successfully - has withstood several high altitude drops onto hardwood flooring.